Can a relationship survive without intimacy? For any love relationship to succeed, intimacy must be there between the partners. In fact, intimacy is the main impetus for all the successful relationships you see around. You might not know it or see it, but the couples involved in the relationship will tell you intimacy plays a major factor in the success of any relationship. Both physical and emotional intimacies are needed for any relationship to succeed. You must be intimate with your partner both physically and emotionally to have a lasting relationship with her.

Why intimacy is crucial for the survival of any relationship

love-kiss-intimacy-sex-bed-bedroom-passion-sexuality-gazeThe reason why intimacy is so crucial in any love relationship is quite simple. Intimacy in any relationship is what brings the two partners together. Intimacy can be compared to a bond that unites two partners in a love relationship. When the bond is strong, the relationship stays firm, but when the bond is weak, the relationship becomes weak. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand why most relationships break up. Without a bond that holds the relationship together, the chance of partners breaking up is huge. There must be a physical, emotional and mental attachment between the partners for them to live together and love each other. Otherwise, most partners will go outside the marriage or relationship circle in search of intimacy.

The main reason why people cheat in love relationships is that they find someone who offers them happiness in their hearts. You cannot be happy in a relationship if you don’t feel emotionally and physically attached to your partner. The good thing with intimacy is that it cannot be faked, or one cannot pretend to be intimate with the other partner if they are not intimate. In some instances, physical intimacy might be easier to achieve than emotional intimacy.

avoid-the-lack-of-intimacyIn a relationship where one partner loses trust in the other and starts being skeptical about the activities he or she does, the main thing happening here is a lack of intimacy. Lack of intimacy is usually a dominant force in partners doubting what the other partner is doing, and this usually leads to one route; a breakup. People who are intimate will never doubt the activities done by the other party but just have the belief and understanding that they share. Partners who feel insecure in any relationship do so because they don’t have intimacy with the other partner.

Being in an intimate relationship means to understand what the other person feels and valuing her feeling and opinions. One does not have to ask why this happened, but the connection you share will just tell you it is the right thing. In cases where you think the other partner is doing something wrong, intimacy makes the other partner accept the criticism in the right way and change for the better. This usually shows the other partner that you care about her feelings and opinions. When the going gets tough in any relationship, the only thing that can get you through is the bond that unites you with the partner. This bond is what we call intimacy, and it must be present in all love relationships if they are to survive for long.

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