One of the best erotic movies of all times 9 and 1/2 weeks… that scene were Mickey Rourke blinds folds Kim Bassinger on the kitchen floor and is feeding her all kinds of foods and drinks. This is by far the hottest and most arousing guessing games you can ever play with your partner. We all know that when men do this to us, they like to tie our hand and blindfold us to feed us. But when it’s our turn, what would turn them on the most?

sex-and-foodI have put together some ideas on food play for you experiment with but the level of fun will be determined by what your willing to do considering that it can be very messy. I don’t mind messy since sex is suppose to be messy- at least great sex is!. I appreciate that playing with food flirtatiously in the bedroom can created a level of sexiness from licking your fingers or using your hands to smear some delicious goodness on your partner or yourself while they watch.

For him: definitely no blind folded needed- your man will go wild over watching you play your little game of foodplay. You may want to cover your bed because as things get heated up, your bed will look like a war zone if done right!

Men have a wonderful external organ that they love more than anything to be touched, played with, licked and different types of lubricants will give him different sensations. We are wanting to explore these sensations with foodplay. We can start with the traditional melted chocolate (an aphrodisiac) or chocolate syrup. This is definitely highly affective way to start, by pouring it on his chest and further down, getting your hands drentched in it and rubbing it slowly into his skin….in a seductive way lick your own fingers while lapping it off of him and then kiss him so he can taste it. I like chocolate but I dare to be different and use warm honey. It has a more pleasing thicker consistency. Other foods try almond butter, olive oil, peanut butter, ice cubes, popsicles, Karma Sutra brand edible oils and creams are very flavorful. After all that eating, I tend to get thirsty, for an added treat to myself, pour Bailey Irish cream liqueur or red wine (another aphrodisiac). If you don’t drink alcohol, fruit juice drinks and smoothies are excellent substitutes. The idea is to use foods that smell and feel good on bare skin.
sex-foodTip. ladies; Good oral sex is about varying the amount of pressure and speed with your tongue and mouth. Good foodplay works the same way.
I prefer to turn my man into a gooey caramel vanilla sundae, topped with strawberries, sprinkles and whipped cream. It is a huge turn-on to eat something so decadent off of my boyfriend’s naked body. This experience is hot, messy, and perfect in every way!

After all the sweet treats, I like to have a taste of something salty. Straddle your sexy man. Take some popcorn and sprinkle a bunch all over his body and with hands behind your back (and while never taking my eyes off of him) use only your lips and tongue- one by one to eat it off of him. This is very erotic and will surely get both of you excited.

When your done with your erotic foodplay, you can guide your tasty man into the shower to seductively lather him up to clean your yummy treats off of him. Remember ladies, this foodplay was just the foreplay…now the real action begins

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