Growing ( old together )

What does growing old together mean?

It’s sharing a toothbrush holder. Stealing socks. Knowing each other’s coffee order by heart. Buying more milk. Traveling to new places to see new things, to meet new people-only to tell the same stories of when you traveled to new places, to see new things, to meet new people 50 years down the road. Riding bikes on a nice day. Traditions. Listening. Learning, always. Fighting. Making up. Smiling. Good hair days. Bad hair days. Bad hair cuts. New freckles. New wrinkles. Same laugh, different days. Nicknames. Weird jokes. Even weirder jokes. Fiber. The feeling of home. The feeling of fall. The feeling of winter. The comfort of spring, the heat of summer. Repeating it all day in and day out with your own personal gladiator. Bad times. Sad times. Happy times. All kinds of times, together. Sharing pizza. Reminding each other to buckle up. Commitment. Wedding bands. Christmas trees. Kisses. Taxes. More new wrinkles. Faith. Loyalty. Spending too much on candles. Encouragement. High fives. Celebratory donuts just cuz’ it’s Tuesday. Sickness. Soup. Blankets. Snuggles. Health. Sweating. Running. Biking. Being good to yourself. Wealth. Holding hands. Giving to others. Paying attention. Loving, forever.

My time together with Brian and Gordon was so magical, they are one of those couples that just make you FEEL. They had me over here thinking about growing old because what they have is so damn special. I’m thankful to share in these moments each time I get behind the camera. We started at La Colombe in Wicker Park, skipped over to Big Star (hit up all those awesome walls along the way!) and then headed to the West Loop. Sorry RM Champagne, we hopped your fence and took photos on your sick outdoor bar. Spent some time outside of Green Street Smoked Meats and finished with a big ol’ kiss in front of Soho House. Needless to say, this is a true Chicago engagement-even though they just moved to the city from New York!

So to you and yours this year, wishing you all the feels. All the love. All the hot cider. Be present.