Stripping is not an easy job as most people think and women who take stripping as a job must have the confidence and guts to face the challenges that come with stripping. If you want a stripper to give you some of the best lap and pole dances, then it is advisable to get into their mind and think like them. We all know stripping isn’t one of the greatest jobs, and they are not so proud doing it. Most of the strippers do it for money. There is easy stripping especially if you have the body and manage to go to a good stripping and gentleman’s club. What are the five things that strippers don’t want to hear?

5 Things That Strippers Don’t Want To Hear Anymore

1) Do you ever think you will get a real job?

RQCfAS5Well, this is one question you must avoid at all cost if you want peace with the strippers. To them, stripping is a real job where they make good money. No stripper wants to feel bad about what they are doing. Most will curse and ask you what you are doing in a stripper club if you think strippers shouldn’t exist. Next time you are with a stripper, say thing like,” My cousin does the same job although n a different city, I hear there is some real money in it.” Well, this will make them feel at ease and engage you in any conversations.

2) I’m not the kind of guy to come to places like this

Well, what a heck are you doing here then? Strippers hate people who pretend. Don’t ever tell a stripper you are not the kind of a person who goes to strip clubs. This to them will appear like pretending, and they will view you not only as a liar as someone who comes to strip clubs more often. Be real with her and tell them you do go to strip clubs once in a while when you need the company of nice looking strippers.

3) I’m just here for a drink

stripper-moneyWhy of the clubs in town would you go to a strip club if you just want a drink and walk away? Remember most of the strippers will approach you the moment you walk in and try to offer you a lap dance. Of course, it is not free, and they are here to make money. These strippers are wiser than you think and not easily fooled by men trying to have a drink and watch them dance without tipping them anything.

4) Keep insisting on knowing her real name

Her real name is what she decides to call her. Most stripers prefer to keep their identity a secret and work with their stage name. They don’t like it when you keep insisting on knowing their real name especially when they have told you their stage name. Go with it and have nice moments with her and she will just be okay. Maybe next time she might tell you her real name without you asking.

5) A girl like you should have no trouble finding a rich boyfriend

Well, who told you they had any trouble. Most of the strippers are independent women who live an independent life and don’t want to live being supported by rich men.

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